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Lotto Info: What is Lotto?

Lotto has been around for a very long time, almost as long as their have been humans on earth there has been lotteries going on.

What is Lotto exactly? Lotto is the worlds biggest game of chance if one looks at global gaming statistics. You will find it in almost 80 countries and it is mostly called just Lotto or 6/49 or some other matrix that has been chosen. In some countries, mostly where English is spoken, people persist in calling it a lottery thus causing some confusion between lotto and lottery - because these two games are based on different principles.

How is "lotto" and "lottery" different?. In a lottery a person is sold tickets with a preprinted number and have fixed number of prizes for the different winning combinations. To win, the numbers drawn must be picked in the order of the numbers on your ticket. For Lotto, the player has a set of numbers to choose from - in early days often as many as 90, nowadays usually 49. Then the player is asked to make a choice of either selecting 6 numbers or let the terminal do it for it for you. The player wins the major prize if all six of their selected numbers match those chosen in the random drawing, often printed on ping pong balls. The player would win smaller prizes for matching 3, 4, or 5 of the drawn numbers. Examples of popular lotto games include Powerball and Mega Millions, each played in a number of U.S. states, and Canada's own Lotto 6/49.

There isn't a standard matrix for the lotto ( though the majority do use 6 balls), and there a mixed bag of number ranges. Here is a chart of the major lotto configurations: How To Win Lotto Online Formats.

What makes learning how to win lotto so interesting and attractive for many players is your personal influence – or so you think – on Lady Luck or Fortuna. She is therefore the recurrent symbol for Lotto and her cornucopia represents the richness you can attain by hitting the jackpot - the major attraction for Lotto.

Lottery tickets are usually scanned in large numbers, using marksense-technology. With today's computer performance, it takes less than one second to check if a particular combination was picked up by anyone, even for lotteries like Euromiliions or Mega Millions.

The seven states that presently do not have a lotto are: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming

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I am a firm believer in trends, like this law of physics demonstrates: When an object is in motion, it tends to stay in motion." I believe this laws can be applied to numbers. A number tends to repeat more often on the next draw then what statistical analysis would allow.

This Powerball Example (Powerball is a Lotto type game) demonstrates the power of "repeats". A number will repeat 46% of the time. Take a look at this! When you win using this tip, drop me an email! Also, tell me if you found all the Lotto information useful! Take this as a free gift and go win!

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Lotto Winnings Grid
Florida Lotto (6/53)






3 numbers

$ 5

1 in 71

4 numbers

$ 71

1 in 1,416

5 numbers

$ 5,000

1 in 81,410

6 numbers


1 in 22,957,480


Overall odds of winning is 1 in 67.

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Largest Jackpot?

On February 18, 2006, the largest jackpot ever, worth $365 million, was won by a single ticket sold in the state of Nebraska. That one ticket was shared by eight enthusiastic meat plant workers. These guys figured out how to win Powerball! Do you think they used the Powerball Number Generator?



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Want tips on how to win Lotto?

1. To have alll even numbers or all odd numbers is a rare occurance, happening less than 3 percent during the history of lotto. A good play option is to have at least 2 balls the opposite of the others.

2. To have all low numbers or all high numbers is also a rare occurance, happening only 3 percent of the time (1-30,31-59). A good play option is to have at least 2 balls the opposite of the others.

3. More often than not, one or more of the a number groups(groups of 10's) is not represented. For example, in the combination 6-9-15-38-43-59, there are no 20's. So don't spread your numbers out too evenly. Since I believe in streaks, go with the group that was skipped on the last drawing.

4. In USA Lotto games, five or six consecutive numbers has never been drawn.

5. Never choose all five numbers from one number group, such as all single digits, or all teens, or all 20's, etc. All five winning numbers drawn from one group is a very poor choice of numbers.

6. Don't play same last digits, such as 7-17-27-37-47-57. Even five with same last digits occur in less than two-tenths of one percent of all drawings. Winning sets of lottery numbers with no more than one repeated last digit occured in nearly 90 percent of all drawings.

7. Keep clicking the Lotto Number Generator (Lotto Number Picker) until you get a number that meets all of the above. This Lotto number generator is well balanced so usually you will get it the first click or so.

8. You want to play a balanced set of numbers, not on one end of the spectrum or the other (i.e. 2-5-8-9-11-12 or 42-45-47-51-53-55 . A good way to insure this is to determine if the sum of all the numbers fall between 138 -222. Winners fall in this range over 70% of the time.

9. Hot numbers win. Numbers from a pool of numbers that have won in the previous 10 drawings will win on the 11th draw 76% of the time. Your best play is pick 5 numbers that have won from the previous 10 draws and 1 number that hasn't.



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